SCIBS transport & water taxi

SCIBS transport water taxi

Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show Transport

With around 10,000 people descending upon SCIBS boat show each year, traffic becomes an absolute nightmare with waiting times of over an hour to get in and out at peak times.

Instead of having to drive through the SCIBS traffic, why not jump on our water taxi and have a beer on the ride home instead?  There’s no traffic on the waterways and with our 150hp performance pontoon, we’ll have you back home far quicker than any on road transport.

Plus, you get to ride upon one of the most luxurious pontoon boats on the Gold Coast on your way to Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

Running from Surfers Paradise all the way to Sanctuary Cove harbour, tickets start at just $19 so give us a call, text (0410420092) or email to arrange.  We can also provide a service to other destinations if need be.

Multi-ticket discounts are available for exhibitors and families.

SCIBS Water taxi rates