Employee Engagement Tours

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully the chocolates are to your taste!

We’d like to introduce you to a term that isn’t often used – Employee Engagement.


It’s not a party.
It’s not a teambonding or motivational day.
It’s Employee Engagement.

If your staff turn up to work, do their hours and perhaps even enjoy benefits of a company games room, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re happy with the job.

They’re happy to take advantage of the games room of course but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re happy at the company.  And don’t be surprised if they get poached by another company offering a bit more money.

You’re keeping staff satisfied but in order to emotionally commit to the company, it’s goals and their work, they need to be engaged.

– This means taking that phone call at 5:01 on a Friday afternoon.
– This means working overtime without kicking up a fuss.
– This means caring enough to help out other departments instead of ignoring them with ‘it’s not my job.’

Treat up to 12 of your team to an Employee Engagement boat tour on the glorious waterways of the Gold Coast.

All of our Employee Engagement boat tours are conducted upon the luxury Tropical 2450 Pontoon boat. You could call it the Aston of Pontoon boats! Your skipper for the day can take you anywhere you like inshore, get off at Straddie or cruise the peaceful canals.  It’s up to you and your staff. We can take up to 12 passengers so choose your guests wisely…

Bring your own food & drink or we can head over to Tipplers licenced cafe on Stradbroke island for a bite and drink.  Or take a look at the other destinations around the Gold Coast that we can take you to.

However you choose to spend your day, your staff will realise the effort that you went to to get them on this tour and will be repay you with the loyalty and service that every business needs in order to succeed.