6 reasons to hit the water over winter

gold coast winter weather

Winter boating on the Gold Coast

When winter comes around most people run back to their nice warm houses rather than getting out on the water but they’re missing out on a completely different side to the Gold Coast to the summer

Here are our 6 reasons to go boating over winter.

Clear blue skies

The Gold Coast is defined as having a sub tropical climate which means that most of our rain comes over summer rather than winter.

This is thanks to the warm, humid air of the summer rising quickly and condensing into cumulonimbus clouds full of moisture which then comes back down to us as rainfall. Over the winter, we don’t have those same hot and humid conditions so the clouds don’t form, giving us perfect blue skies.

winter boating gold coast

Perfect calm water & gentle breezes

Waves and chop are simply energy being transported through water. This is largely due to wind here on the Gold Coast, which as any wind-based sports fan will know, dies off over the cooler months. This, again is due to the lower temperatures.

Dry land changes temperature much quicker than the ocean does so over summer the land heats up far quicker than the ocean does. When all of that hot air rises on land, it effectively sucks the cooler air in from the ocean, creating what we know as a seabreeze. Over winter the change is nowhere near as dramatic so there is less wind to create waves.  Resulting in mirror like surfaces, just look at the mirror on this water!

winter boating gold coast calm water


The cooler months give us more opportunity to head out and cast a line down deep with less currents to throw us off. This means that we’re looking at deeper dwellers – table fish, particularly
your Snapper who can even be found in the Broadwater.

snapper fishing gold coast

Less people around

We all love a day out on the boat when it’s just you and your mates or family sitting on the beach, you feel like you’re a world away from everyone else. Over summer that becomes difficult to find but the cooler weather also means that there are less people out on the water. Try pulling up to Wavebreak island or Tipplers on a sunny January weekend!

Tipplers cafe gold coast empty

Less melanoma

We all know the deal – hole in the ozone layer…

Australia is almost seen to be home of melanoma. Over summer, even with the full length bimini on our luxury pontoon boat, people still come back sunburnt. Even just a quick 5 minute dip without sunscreen has resulted in customers coming back like a lobster. The risk is still there over winter but the UV rays are a lot weaker compared to the summer.


Over winter the antarctic becomes too cold for humpback whales so they head North to warmer waters for breeding and giving birth. As we’re in between we get treated to them coming past each year, both on their way North at the beginning of the season and on their way South on their return leg.

Around September time the calves have missed the freezing cold months around the Antarctic
and have learnt a bit about life so begin their trip back down South with their Mums. This is the time that you’ll see calves playing around with their Mum somewhere close behind. We’re luck that you can even spot whales from the beach but in order to truly appreciate the size of them, head out by boat to
get in amongst the action.

Our hire boats & tours are only inshore but there are plenty of whale watching tours that go from Surfers Paradise, or enjoy a day on the beach with a pair of binoculars spotting them out to sea!

whale watching gold coast

So if that’s got you in the mood for a bit of winter boating or if it’s just tweeked your interest, why not download the ultimate guide to the Islands of Brisbane & the Gold Coast to see what you may be missing out on?