Buying a boat

How to buy a boat

A boat is one of of the most expensive things you may buy in your lifetime and can easily become a money pit if you’re not careful.

But boating is one of the most rewarding things you can do so if you do decide to buy a boat, here’s a rough outline of things to look out for:

Which type of boat?

Are you looking for a wakeboat, skiboat, pontoon, bowrider, cabin, half cab, inshore fishing, offshore fishing boat?

Brand & model of boat?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of boat brands around the Globe that get imported and sold in Australia.  Do you try and spend the extra $$$ to get a decent brand from the US or do you sacrifice a bit and go to Taiwan?  Australia then has it’s fair share of boat brands to throw into the mix!  Remember that boats aren’t as hardy as cars, leave them in the water unprotected and expect plenty of scum to accumulate and eat away at your hull.  Get lazy with washing it off after every use and expect rust to appear before you know it.

Brand and model of engine?

Unfortunately boat engines aren’t quite as simple as car engines.  You’ve got a plethora of brands to first choose from, do you pay extra for peace of mind, the warranty?  Then you’ve got servicing to consider.  All engines require substantial servicing even if you’re not using it – especially in the Australian heat, seals begin to leak, oil goes bad and thats just the generic stuff!  Once you’ve got the brand, what size engine do you want?  Do you spend the extra $$$ to go bigger?  Can your transom take the bigger engine?  How do you want to control the engine, digital or cable? Which propeller is going to suit you best?  Propellers alone can cost $100s, choose one that’s too high a pitch and you’ll have no acceleration to get you up on the plane.  Too low a pitch and you won’t be going anywhere quick!


If you’re lucky enough to live on the water and have a pontoon already built, get the boat antifouled and you will probably be ok for storage.  If your boat’s going to be up on a trailer thats another thing you’ll have to buy, register & insure.  Plus you’ll have to find the space for your new pride and joy!  Do you really want it sat out on the street for opportunistic thieves to see?  Then every time you use it be sure to allow an hour after each use to wash it off with freshwater thoroughly.  Oh and the back of your car too, you don’t want saltwater sitting on your car’s chassis and tow bar!

So last thing before you get your boat home, remember that that trailer will need insurance & has to be registered before you can take it anywhere.  When you finally get it home, the boat will need to be registered with QLD government and insured too.

Time for a day on the water!

Just remember to allow an extra hour or so in the morning to make sure you’ve got all of your safety gear.  Strap everything down to avoid a conversation with the Police, fill the boat up with fuel and hook up to your car.  Then when you get to the ramp, drop the boat in the water with a driver in the boat and a driver in the car to find somewhere nearby to park the trailer.

It’s the end of your perfect day on the water, get back to shore and do the reverse of putting the boat in.  Try and manhandle the boat on to the trailer, hook up, secure your load and get going home.  Get the boat home just as the sun goes down but don’t rest just yet!  Time to clean the boat & trailer inside & out, top to bottom and run freshwater through the engine to stop rust forming anywhere.

Or just hop on one of our boats in the morning, enjoy the day, create the memories and hop off at the end of the day.

Leave all of the hard work to us.

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