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Teambonding Tropical Tours of Twelve

“Many hands make light work”

The best office environments & teams to work in are those that are fun to be in where you can rely upon one another to do their job whilst you do yours.

However, lots of teams end up stagnating because they only ever see each other in a work environment and with lots of customers/managers pulling them in different directions, that social side can sometimes be forgotten about.

So we can agree that you want your staff to have a social connection, right?

Team building gold coast boat

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Our Performance Pontoon Boat can comfortably take 12 passengers and can whisk your team away to remote beaches, quiet canals or blast up the Gold Coast Broadwater at 30 knots to give them an energy boost that no triple espresso ever could!

Jump on board for a 2 or 4 hour tour of some of the beautiful destinations around the Gold Coast listed here in complete comfort, knowing that your day out will pay for itself in the extra team efficiency that you’ll get out of them.  The trip in itself is a great way to reward your team, the destinations are that extra little thank you that will ensure that they go the extra mile back at work.

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2 hour tour of the Gold Coast

You’ll set off and experience the gorgeous canals and waterways of the Gold Coast.  Nothing but relaxing, calm water as you cruise past the Surfers Paradise skyline and wind in and out of the million dollar waterfront homes and canals.

4 hour tour of Tropical Gold Coast

Setting off and heading North, you’ll escape everyday life and be transported into a new world.  Surrounded by the lush mangroves that encompass the broadwater, we’ll stop off at Tipplers Island cafe on South Straddie for a bite to eat and to experience the laid back, island feel.  From here we’ll head on to one of the calm anchorages towards the Northern end of the island to climb the towering sand dunes and experience the incredible view looking back towards Surfers Paradise.

On the return leg we’ll meander back through Sovereign Island, home of some of the most expensive mansions in the country and some of the gorgeous canals.

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