Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018

Less than a year until the GC Commonwealth Games 2018

With less than a year until the Gold Coast is on the world stage, it’s probably a good time to start planning how you’re going to make the most of this incredible opportunity.  Unless of course you’re already competing, in which case you probably started planning a few years back!

GC2018 Dates

Wednesday 4th April – Opening Ceremony.

5th – 15th April – Events running.  See exactly what’s happening here.

Sunday 15th April – Closing Ceremony.

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Transport

Unfortunately, as you can imagine, road traffic is expected to be horrific.  If you think the the M1 is congested or it takes forever to drive through Surfer’s Paradise at the moment, just wait until next year.

GC2018 tickets


Fortunately the waterways will be fairly clear so we’ll be making the most of our luxurious 12 seater water taxi, skipping the traffic to move lots of people around, very quickly.  It’ll be a way to truly make the games an event to remember – skip the traffic, showcase the glorious waterways of the Gold Coast and watch world class athletes tough it out in competition.  We’re already seeing bookings & requests come through so get in touch as we’re currently only operating this on a custom booking basis.

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2018 Commonwealth Games Tickets

As it’s set to be a popular event with millions of ticket requests but only a small amount of seats, there’s a system in place.  From Monday April 24th until Monday May 22nd, you can request a ticket.

This means you can request to effectively be put into a ballot to be able to purchase the ticket that you’re after.

From July onwards, any unsold tickets will go on sale as normal, simply buy the ones you want but no doubt all of the popular events will have been sold out by then.

If you’re wondering about why the Gold Coast has been chosen, look at all of the islands that surround the Gold Coast!  Find out more about them in our Ultimate Guide to the Islands of the Gold Coast!  It’s filled with fascinating stories, helpful information and how to access every island you see between here and Brisbane!


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