Getting your boat licence in QLD

How to get your boat licence in QLD

If you’ve got your feet wet (pardon the pun!) on one of our skippered tours, decided that you would like to operate your own boat and open up the world of opportunity that boating allows you then have a look at how to get your boat licence below.  And remember that all of our hire boats can be driven on just a recreational licence!

QLD government allow you to operate vessels without a boat licence if the engine is less than 4.5kW, which in everyday language is 6hp and under.  Great news if you want to have a quick go behind the wheel of a little tinny but to jump in to something bigger and get to some of the better destinations on the Gold Coast you’ll have to get yourself a recreational boat licence and here’s how to do it

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1. Find a BoatSafe training company

2. On the day

  • You’ll have to complete a medical disclosure statement to say you’re medically fit to drive a boat.
  • You will be given the training & have to do a practical assessment to show that you are competent in handling a boat.
  • You will learn the appropriate safety rules & regulations to ensure that you are safe on the water.
  • At the end of the day you will be given a Statement of Competency which is what you need for the next step of getting your boat licence.

3.  The paperwork at QLD Dept of Transport & Main Roads

4. Get your licence!

  • When you finish your application and pay your money, you will receive a printed marine licence indicator receipt.  This shows that you are licensed until you receive the card.
  • If you already have a car licence then you will receive a new one with your new boat licence on the back in the post.
  • If you don’t currently have any licences then you will receive a blue marine licence.

5.  Get in touch!

With or without your licence, why not take a look at our Ultimate Guide to the Islands of the Gold Coast?  It’s filled with fascinating stories, helpful information and how to access every island you see between here and Brisbane!