FAQ on hiring a boat

The boring (but vital!) part of hiring a boat

Before the day

How can we pay?

We can take payment by cash on the day, EFTPOS or bank transfer.  A $100 deposit will be required when you make the booking with the remainder to be paid on the day.

Are we insured?

We have comprehensive insurance cover for any accidents that may occur to either property or people.

Do we have to leave a deposit?

A bond will be required if hiring and driving, more info on the specific boat page.

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On the day

Can we have a beer?

As much as we’d love to let you have a couple of cold ones, the skipper has to stay under the legal limit, more of which can be found on Queensland Government’s website.  Coastal Ventures recommends that you have 0 alcohol in you as the skipper.  If you don’t want to worry about that, try hiring a skipper for the day.

Where can we go?

Our boats are suitable for inshore use only so basically anywhere but offshore (ie the Seaway or out through Jumpinpin)

What kind of weather conditions can the boat take?

It is up to the skipper to be aware of the weather and the forecast.  As the boats are staying inshore anyway weather should not be an issue but please get in touch if you are unsure about any kind of weather system.

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At the end of the day

Do we have to wash the boat?

Nope!  We request that you take away any litter with you but you can leave the freshwater rinsing to us.

When does the boat have to be back?

If you’ve hired it for the full day then we need the boat back before sunset.  1/2 days or other arrangements are discussed on a case to case basis.

If you have any other questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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