6 tips for safer boating

6 tips to be safer on the water.

Boating is a double edged sword.  It can be one of life’s greatest gifts but without proper respect, it can cost you your life.  However, follow these 6 basic water safety guidelines and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.  Knowledge is power and with this knowledge, you’ll be able to relax and have a great time out on our hire boats.

If you can’t see the video then read on!

1-  Check the weather

Even throughout the day, keep an eye out for black clouds and stormfronts coming through.  Check the wind predictions & be aware of the wind throughout the day.

2- Know your area

If you’re new to the area, get a feel for it by checking the local beacon to beacon maps.  The Gold Coast maps can been viewed here and of course are included when you hire a boat from us.  Also use your GPS system when you’re underway which will give you an accurate position on your map.

3- Plan your day

Sort out destinations, timings and find out tide times/weather predictions before the day.  This makes sure that you’ve got one less thing to worry about on the day.

4- Don’t drink & drive

Just the same as you wouldn’t on the roads, don’t be in control of a boat whilst under the influence.  We’re humans, we know how nice it can be having a beer when you’re out on the beach but remember that 1 in every 2 deaths on the water are influenced by alcohol.  That should be a sobering thought.

5- Drive defensively

Leave the racing for some other time.  The water can hide hazards, you literally don’t know what’s lurking beneath.  Pieces of driftwood, sandbars that have shifted in the current, even dolphins!  Now you wouldn’t want to go hitting a dolphin now would you!  You also can’t predict what others are going to do.

6- Check your safety equipment

We have a set procedure at Coastal Ventures to check & inspect safety equipment on every hire.  You should follow a similar rule with your personal boats, not just that they’re there, check that they work.  Are PFDs still within expiry dates, does your torch have battery, is your anchor still solid?

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