Ultimate guide to the islands of Brisbane & The Gold Coast

The region of Gold Coast & Brisbane has a vast array of historic stories hidden in the surrounding
islands. Their location means that over the last couple of centuries they have seen wars, European
settlement, and generally watched the two cities evolve into some of the biggest cities in the country
and even the world.

A lot of the area is protected as environmentally significant habitats & heritage listed sites which is
why the area has remained an idyllic spot for locals and tourists alike.

The 3 major islands; Bribie, Moreton & Stradbroke island protect the bay from the harsh Pacific Ocean swells, giving gorgeous, flat blue waters for boaties to enjoy. It is this gorgeous, protected water that led us in to hiring out performance boats capable of exploring these islands and taking groups on tours to share the outstanding beauty and history behind them.

Chevron Island
Ephraim Island
Sovereign Island
Hope Island
Wavebreak Island
Stradbroke Island (Straddie)
North Stradbroke Island
South Stradbroke Island
Moreton Island
Bribie Island
Russell Island
Macleay Island
Coochiemudlo island
Peel Island
St Helena Island
Fisherman Island
Lamb Island
The Southern Moreton Bay Islands

Islands of the Gold Coast & Brisbane