Suzuki Marine

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Coastal Ventures powering up with Suzuki Marine

A boat is only as good as it’s engine so with 5 new hire boats fresh off the production line, we knew that we had to choose a reputable engine brand that wouldn’t let us down. A brand that managed to find that elusive sweet spot between fuel efficiency, power and reliability. And of course, one that didn’t break the bank in servicing costs.

After testing a huge range of engines and mountains of research we decided that the quality of Suzuki engines was unmatched, and the maintenance schedule kept the accountant happy too. As part of the Haines Group, Suzuki have been in the outboard market since the 60s, constantly achieving industry firsts. From the first stainless steel water pump housing in 1973, right up until when they shocked everyone with the industry’s first four stroke 300hp engine in the 2000’s.

Although the Gold Coast is one of Australia’s biggest tourist hotspots – renowned for the sun, sand and surf, there is a whole other side to the Gold Coast that most tourists never get to experience.
The Broadwater.
In order to showcase the more tropical side of the Gold Coast, Tippler’s cafe, Jumpinpin etc we needed an engine that could get our two big 12 seater pontoon boats up and down the 21km stretch in a quick yet safe way. We opted for the big four stroke 150hp engines, giving us a nice relaxed trip time to Jumpinpin of just over half an hour. Thanks to the efficient design of the pontoon boats we can cruise at a comfortable 4,000 revs without drowning out the music or getting in the way of a chat.

With tourism doing nothing but growing on the Gold Coast, we’ll be sure to add to our fleet over the coming years. We look forward to a long & prosperous partnership with Suzuki, fuelled by their innovative and efficient outboard designs.