Jumpinpin channel

Hire a boat and have a daytrip up to Jumpinpin

At the top of South Straddie lies the Jumpinpin channel, a hugely popular fishing location with  plenty of Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Luderick, Tailor and Trevally on offer.  The pure white sand gives you an area to anchor up and simply enjoy the serenity of it all.  Or walk over the sand dunes to the coastal side of Straddie and take in the magnificent panoramic view of the Gold Coast.

A quick history lesson

What’s a really interesting story to tell the kids is that the two Stradbroke islands were originally joined at this point.  But in 1894 The Cambus Wallace, a 1,500 tonne ship on a voyage from Scotland to Moreton Bay, got caught in an almighty storm and became wrecked just 180m from the beach.  Part of the ship’s cargo was dynamite which was detonated at the shore and is said to have severed the sand dunes of Stradbroke Island leaving behind a small channel.  Coupled with a cyclone in 1896 and the strong tidal flow of the area, the channel went from being 20 feet long to over a mile by 1898.

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