Wavebreak Island

Part of the Gold Coast Seaway – Wavebreak Island

Born in 1985, Wavebreak island was part of the Gold Coast Seaway construction designed to protect the Western foreshore of the Broadwater from the brutal Pacific Ocean conditions coming in through the seaway.  Today it is home to a diverse range of sealife which can be experienced by snorkelling or diving off of the North East corner, also known as ‘The Canyon.’

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Take a hire boat to one of the island’s two anchorages, one at what locals refer to as ‘The Key’ on the South West corner with another anchorage on the Northern shore alongside The Canyon.  Once anchored up, enjoy the crisp sand and serene waters whilst keeping an eye out for the odd dolphin having a play in the water.  Or take the snorkelling gear and explore the incredible underwater world that thrives at The Canyon.

Wavebreak island
Aerial view of Wavebreak island on the Gold coast broadwater. (Source: Gold Coast Waterways Authority)

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