Fishing Spots on Gold Coast Broadwater

Fishing spots around Gold Coast Broadwater

If you’re looking for some of the best fishing spots on Gold Coast Broadwater then we’ve got ’em for you!

The Gold Coast Broadwater is a great starting point thanks to its easy access and relatively safe, calm waters.  With South Straddie on the other side that gives us a great chance to be able to pull up and take a bit of a break from the boat as well.

Now… onto the best fishing spots:

Firstly, get pumping for yabbies.  These guys are awesome bait for the estuary fish you’re targetting and the fact that they’re free just adds to their greatness.  Most sand banks around the Gold Coast Broadwater at low tide will hold some yabbies but we’ll get on to the best places now.

Crab Island

One of the best fishing spots on the Gold Coast, both in terms of fishing and access are the sand banks around crab island, just a stones throw from where we do our boat hire handovers.  (Click the image for a google maps link).  From there you’re looking at a nice catch of bream, whiting or flathead, possibly even Jewfish if your luck’s in.

Gold Coast fishing spots Crab island

Wavebreak Island

Wavebreak island can provide a nice fish and it’s a gorgeous island to chill out on too.  The sand flats on the Northern side can be a nice, reliable spot or if you’re after something a bit bigger, head over to the rock wall.  There’s a nice deep hole just off the rock wall that can produce some awesome catches!

Wavebreak island fishing gold coast


The Jumpinpin channel at the top of South Straddie is a great spot in general to fish on the Gold Coast and one place that we find a lot of people have success hunting flatties at is the area marked below just below Crusoe Island.  The rest of the area is ripe for fishing, the actual mouth is a nice deep channel is obviously a lure, best to get there and start fishing about an hour before high tide and through until low tide.

best fishing spot on gold coast broadwater


If you’d rather be fishing right now, then take a look at our tinny for hire.  With a Yamaha 70HP on the back, it’ll get you to any of the spots listed above and with its low pricing, suits anyone’s budget.

Tough tinny boat

tinny fishing gold coast spotFishing wavebreak island gold coast