No licence BBQ party pontoons

How do you go about renting a BBQ party pontoon on the Gold Coast without a licence??

Luxury performance pontoon hire boatOur pontoon boats are unmatched in their performance but require a boat licence, click the pic for more info!

The Surfers Paradise party pontoon boats that don’t require a licence all fall under a category that means that they are limited to a max speed of 10 knots and can only be operated in smooth waters.

If you have a licence and want to see the incredible places the Gold Coast truly has to offer then take a look at our boats available to hire here –

BBQ party pontoon boat Surfers Paradise
These idyllic locations can only be visited with Coastal Ventures

Commercial vessels (fancy word for boats) fall into different categories as classified by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) depending on their purpose.  They classify different boats depending on their intended purpose, usage, safety aspects – there’s a whole bunch of info that goes into it which then determines who can use the boat and what kind of licence they’d need to drive the boat.

For example, you wouldn’t want someone who learned to drive a tinny taking control of a cruise liner!

This is where Coastal Ventures offers a completely new perspective, our boats are designed from scratch to fall under the category that allows them to be hired and taken anywhere inshore.  Amongst other things, we fit powerful engines which mean that they can overcome strong tidal currents, they have a certain type of flotation aspect, the list goes on.

If you’ve got a marine licence then you can jump on board and go wherever you wish!  Take a look at the destinations we go to or the boats we hire out:

See our incredible pontoon boat here

Party pontoon overlooking Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast
Pontoon boat overlooking Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast