3 steps to getting your Boat Licence on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Boat and PWC Licence

Here on the Sunny Gold Coast if you want to drive a Boat with an engine greater than 6HP then by law you have to have a QLD Boat Licence. This is officially referred to as your RMDL which stands for Recreational Marine Drivers Licence.

Getting your Boat Licence on the Gold Coast isn’t a difficult process but by getting it, you’re helping to keep the waterways safe & fun as it means that we don’t have clueless people out there causing accidents & ruining things for everyone.

There are 3 simple steps to getting your Boat Licence on the Gold Coast:

  1. Learn the Theory Component of your licence (You can even do this online at home now, see our Free Online Introductory Course here)
  2. Learn the Practical side, ie get on a Boat with a training provider who will teach you
  3. Pass the assessment from that training Provider, usually same day & then submit your BoatSafe Certificate of Competency at a local Transport Customer Service Centre

If you already have a valid Queensland Drivers Licence, they’ll send you a new card with RMDL & PWCL (if applicable) printed on the back of it.

Jet Ski Licence

PWC Licence Gold Coast

If you’re also interested in driving Jet Skis or PWCs then its very simple to get your PWC licence at the same time.

The only pre-requisite to getting your PWC licence is that you have to have your RMDL. You don’t have to have had it for any set time so the vast majority of people do the two licences at the same time as it doesn’t cost too much more & only takes a little bit longer.

You can start getting your Boat AND JetSki Licence for FREE with our Introductory Online Course here

Once you’ve got Your Gold Coast Boat Licence…

Boat Licence QLD

Woohoo, you’re free to explore the waterways!!

You don’t have to carry your licence with you but you have to have proof of identity with you so most people tend to just take it with them.

Did you know that you can now act as a supervisor & someone without a licence can operate the boat or PWC! As long as you are there & able to take immediate control if need be, then anyone can drive & give you a bit of a break 😉