Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

It’s that time of year again when for one day only – Dad’s get spoiled!

But we all know that buying gifts for Dads can notoriously difficult (ie impossible) – how many times can you get him a slab of his favourite beer?

Or maybe you’ll just agree to laugh at his Dad Jokes for the day instead of rolling your eyes?

If that isn’t enough for him, we’ve put together a quick list of original ideas that Dads who love boating & the outdoors will love.

Self Inflating Key Buoy

Everyone has experienced that dread when you can’t find your keys & suddenly realise that you might have dropped them in the water & they’ve sunk straight to the ground.

These Self Inflating Buoys are Game-Changers.

You don’t need one of those big ugly floating keyrings, this elegant contraption looks neat on dry land & will inflate when submerged in water.

And for less than $15 it’s a steal – https://chsmith.com.au/Products/Davis-Self-Inflating-Key-Buoy.html

Knots Coffee Mug

Keep Dad’s brain in shape & get him this awesome Knots Coffee Mug to practise his knots whilst sipping his daily coffee.

Yes it actually comes with small rope to practise the knots on the handle!

$30 and you won’t have to worry about Dad’s knots coming undone ever again! – https://www.amazon.com.au/How-Coffee-Different-Unemployed-Philosophers/dp/B00VKT9VK0

DryBag Backpack

Make Dad do more work! Instead of wasting his hands carrying a dry bag & nothing else, get him one of these DryBag Backpacks which go over his shoulders like a regular backpack & voila, a free hand to carry your beach bag too!

$69.99 from Whitworths – https://www.whitworths.com.au/dripro-waterproof-dry-bag-backpack-38l

And for the cherry on top – here are a few Dad jokes to throw his way…

Look at the speed of that boat! Must be the new Usain Boat!

A very nervous first-time crew member said to the skipper: “Do boats like this sink very often?”

“Not too often” replied the Skipper “Usually it’s only the once”

Have you heard about the Bluetooth Iceberg? Any boat that goes near it will sync!