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The truth about Pontoon Boats on the Gold Coast

We’ve all seen them out on the water, the cheap, no-frills party pontoons that look like a welder’s after hours project.  They haven’t come on much since the days of a couple of tubes plus a timber floor thrown on top.

Forget about these

Party pontoon boat

This is what you want in your life!

Nowadays, you’re looking at luxury, performance, handling & comfort.  World records have been set with top speeds approaching 200KPH!

Performance pontoon boat hire


When you take a look at the interior of luxury pontoon boats such as the Tropical 2450 that we hire out, you can see it’s basically a living room on water.  You’ve got ergonomically designed wraparound seats with self draining channels so that if you sit on them after a dip in the water, you won’t end up sitting in a puddle of water.  Marine speaker systems equipped with bluetooth connectivity to keep you entertained on the drive.  Full length, custom fabric bimini to keep the sun off you & purpose built rotating tables to hold your drinks & food.

Luxury pontoon interior

Power & handling

The big difference between performance, luxury pontoons and BBQ party pontoons is their power and handling capabilities.  Traditionally, they’re built upon 2 tubes BUT to get that extra handling capability, a third pontoon is added in the middle, coupled with a high horsepower engine thrown on the back.  The world record above has a triple 300hp rig, ie 900 HORSEPOWER!!!  And there’s us cruising around with 150 HP thinking it’s massive!

150 HP making our pontoon FLY!!
150 HP making our pontoon FLY!!

Shallow waters

The shallow draft of pontoon boats is perfect for the Gold Coast Broadwater.  As any boatie knows, there are plenty of sandbars and channels, constantly changing and keeping you on your guard.  But as the pontoon sits up high out of the water, they’re not quite such a big issue, certainly not compared to a similar sized fibreglass boat.

Perfect design to skim smoothly across the water
The shallow draft reduces the risk of grounding


When you’ve got 150 HP at your fingertips, turning can sometimes become an issue as it’s such a huge amount of power & torque that you’re manoeuvring.  To combat this, high power pontoon boats are equipped with hydraulic steering so that turning the boat is easy, yet responsive.

The dash including marine radio
The luxury dash including marine radio


No, not the NASA type.  We’re talking walking around, lying down, 200l eskys, fishing gear, prams, dogs.  You name it, it fits.  It really is a floating living room but instead of watching TV, you get to see the incredible sights that we’re treated to on the Gold Coast.  We’re rated to 12 passengers on our pontoon, even with the full 12 on board you’ve got space for more than enough gear for a day out.

Luxurious seating wraps around the boat
So much space!

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Just to cap it off, take a look at the stats of our Tropical 2450 Luxury Pontoon & if you’re interested, get in touch or book your hire today!

Model:Tropical 2450 Pontoon
Hull design:Tri-hull
Pontoon diameter:32" x 3
Max speed:52KPH
Cruising economy:15 l/hr
Engine output:150hp
Engine type:DOHC 16 valve
Fuel delivery:Multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection
Engine displacement:2,867 cm3

Our boats are the only hire boats that can get to all of the inshore islands of Brisbane & the Gold Coast.  If you’d like to find out a bit more about the islands, why not take a look at our Ultimate Guide to the Islands of the Gold Coast?  It’s filled with fascinating stories, helpful information and how to access every island you see between here and Brisbane!