Boats on the Gold Coast

Boats on the Gold Coast

When you look at the Gold Coast from above, you can instantly see the gorgeous blue waterways winding around the whole city.  It is thanks to this (almost completely ) natural feature that means we have such a huge variety of boats on the Gold Coast.

In 2014 there were over 250,000 recreational vessels registered in Queensland with 51% of them being in the Brisbane region which includes the Gold Coast.  That’s a lot of boats on the Gold Coast!

The open runabout is the most popular choice for Gold Coast boaties, with 67% of the boats being that type.  This runabout category includes the boats such as bowriders, fishing boats & tenders so it’s no wonder there are so many of them about.  We’ve even got one you can hire here!

One of the many boats on the gold coast

The other interesting yet unsurprising fact is that around 70% of boats on the Gold Coast are less than 5m in length.  That’s not surprising when you think about the price difference between a 4.9m tinnie like the one above compared to a 7m boat!

If you take a cruise down any of the Gold Coast waterways, you’ll be dazzled by the array of boats on show.  Everything from 2m tenders right up to 30 foot yachts are fairly commonplace.

Obviously all of these boats cost a lot of $$$ so if you love boating but struggle to justify the cost, you may find that you’re actually cheaper to simply hire one whenever you need a boat.  It’s the same principle as uber, airbnb and every other new company that is effectively offering a share service.  There’s no point paying for a boat all year round to only use it a handful of times.

As well as the tinnie above, we also have a 150HP Pontoon boat that takes up to 12 people.  This is an incredible machine that can take you anywhere inshore, check out some of the cool places we go to here >>> Link

Pontoon boat on the gold coast