UK licence in QLD

Transfer your UK licence in QLD

If you’re one of the lucky Brits that have made it to QLD from the UK and are wondering what happens to your licence in QLD then we’re here to help!

The Department of Main roads can accept an overseas licence temporarily.  The slight pickle is that if you intend on becoming a resident then you have to change it over within 3 months of either arriving in the country or becoming a resident.

The boat licences from the UK that we can accept for our boat hires are as follows:

  • RYA Sail Cruising and Yachtmaster
  • RYA Motor Cruising Scheme
  • RYA Powerboating/Old Sportsboat (using E.U. Resolution 40)
  • RYA Coastal Skipper
  • RYA Competent Crew (sail only)
  • RYA Day Skipper (both theory and practical)
  • RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore [Certificate of Competence]
  • International Certificate of Competency
  • International Certificate for Operator of Pleasure Craft Res. 40 12/02/2010
  • Certificate of Competence ‘Helmsman’s (Overseas) Certificate of Competence’
  • RYA National Powerboat Certificate Level II
  • RYA National Powerboat Certificate Level II (conducted at Royal Navy HMS establishments)
  • Certificate of Competence ‘The Helmsman’s (Overseas) Certificate of Competence (Skipper)’
  • British Water Ski Federation Ski Boat Driver Award (meets RYA Level III and Res. 40 I.C.C.)
  • UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency – Seafarer Standards Branch [The Merchant Shipping (Training & Certification) Regulations 1997] Officer of the Watch; Chief Mate 
  • MCA Master of Yachts 200 Tons Limited
  • Certificate of Competency as Master of Foreign Going Vessel
  • Certificate of Competency as Master of a Pleasure Yacht (Coastal) issued by Ministry of Transport U.K.
  • Boatmaster’s Licence (U.K. Dept. ofTransport)
  • Department of Transport ‘Boatman’s Licence’ 1993 ONWARDS
  • BSAC/CDA Boat Handling [‘Seamanship for Divers’]
  • BSAC/CDA Diver Coxswain UK
  • BSAC/CDA Approved Boat Handling Instructor
  • MCA The Mediterranean Cruising Association ‘Certificate of Competence’