Buying a pontoon boat?

Are you wanting to buy a pontoon boat?

If yes then before you go ahead and splurge, we’ve compiled a quick breakdown of costs & options to consider before buying a pontoon boat.

Options to go for.

Pontoon boat size

5-5.9m – Usually up to 8 people.  Suitable for small areas of calm water only.

6-6.9m – Usually up to 10 people.  Suitable for larger bodies of calm water.

7-7.9m – Usually up to 12 people. Suitable for rough waters.

Engine size

Loosely based upon the pontoon boat size as above, you have a few options.

10-25HP – Suitable for small bodies of water/canals with little to no current.

25-75HP – Suitable for bodies of water with a slight current.

75-150HP – Suitable for open water & strong currents.

# of pontoons

There are only really 2 options here, 2 or 3 pontoons when buying your pontoon boat.  The common consensus is that if you can afford it, go for the third pontoon.

You’ll get:

Much better resale value

Better fuel efficiency (Our pontoon boat has been as effiecient as cruising at 40kph whilst using 22l/hr)

Pop up out of the hole quicker

Better stability around corners

Extra safety if one pontoon gets damaged

Now for the fun bit – paying for it!

Based on boat value of $75kCost per yr
Mooring cost$4,000
Rego & insurance$1,147
Servicing & maintenance$1,450
Finance @ 10%$7,500
Depreciation (50% of value every 5 years)$6,500
Total annual cost$20,597

Seem a bit expensive?  We’ll break things down for you before you go and buy a pontoon boat!

Mooring cost

For a boat in the 20-30 foot range, most marinas will set you back around $350 per month.  If you have a waterfront property with a solid pontoon then you’re set and won’t need to think about this cost.

The other option is obviously getting a trailer.  For a 7m boat you’re looking at around another $10k + the space on your driveway.

Rego & insurance

Pretty self-explanatory…

Servicing & maintenance

The engine will need at least an annual service & antifoul the hull if it’s in the water.  Best to watch out for odd dings & scratches too before the become too troublesome.  As the boat gets older and you rack up the engine hours, this cost may start to creap up each year so it’s always worth working out whether to keep or trade for a newer model before fixing things.


A little insider secret on boat finance when you’re looking to buy a pontoon boat – finance on boats is always going to be at a rate of at least 10%.  Any special promotions that loan companies may offer will always end up at least 10% over 3-5 years in the long run, whether it’s through fees or extra long repayment schedules.


This is the real killer!  Studies have shown that after you buy your pontoon boat, it’ll lose 1/2 its value approximately every 5 years.  So over 5 years that’s a reduction in value of $32,500 which works out to $6,500 per year.

buy pontoon boat

This is where we come in!

There are thousands of people joining the hire boat revolution.  You can effectively share all of those above costs so that you and the family can still enjoy boating but without the eye watering cost.

Not only does it work out cheaper but our loyal customers can specify the type of boat that they want to use depending on what their plans are.

Want a quick trip fishing?  You only need the Ranger 4900 (Starting at $195)

Want to take the kids or mates out wakeboarding/tubing?  Go for the Tsunami bowrider (Starting at $375)

Got family visiting? Hire the 150HP Tropical Pontoon for 12 people (Starting at $395)




One last thing – we work on the beach so meet us at the beach at whatever time you like.  Everything is up to you.

Hopefully you’ve learned something about what to look for if you want to buy a pontoon boat so now take a look at our boats and start planning your next day out!